During the past years, 3D technology on the personal computers has advanced greatly what we used to know.

Although, the complexity of the new 3D accelerators, API like OpenGL, Direct3D, Metal or Vulkan only gives low level rendering functions and you have to do your own 3D objects format and light. To do so, you have to use specific software routines which handles the rendering of many objects, polygons and light to the 3D accelerators. That is what V3X basically is.

There are many others 3D engine on the scene, many of them public domain, but they are very simple and restricted.
V3X was designed from the beginning to provide a solid but flexible interface for adding both objects and video effects to your program.

Also a support for network, audio and 2D processing is provided with V3X as separated extension which tightly integrate 2D/3D graphics, audio and network solution and allow developers to unleash their full potential by allowing them to focus their development effort on content and gameplay rather than the technology itself.

  • Renderer support for DX11, Vulkan, GLES 3.3, GL 4.6, Apple Metal, Software renderer (MMX, SSE2)
  • Optimized Math Engine for ARM Neon, ARM64 Neon, SSE,2,3,4.1,AVX1,2
  • Platform support for Windows, iOS, tvOS, Android, macOS
  • Former support for Xbox, Playstation 3, OUYA, GameStick
  • Support for AR (ARKit, ARCore)
  • Support for VR (OpenVR)

Shipped games: Quantum Revenge, Kosmik Revenge, Brotherhood of Violence, No Gravity, SkyORB Astronomy in AR

Release History

Project:  Un-announced for PC
Refreshed audio renderer
Full support for Windows Desktop (Exclusive, frameless fullscreen)
Optimisation for AVX2
Improved game engine: Lithium, all tools rewritten in WPF.

Open VR support
AR Core support
GL support 4.5
Vulkan renderer (beta)
Metal renderer full featured
New renderer path ‘Phase 4’
New RDS rewritten in WPF
New Game Editor : 3D Man
GLVIEW redone in WPF

Support of AR Kit / AR Core
New game engine: Lithium, powered by V3X.net
Project : AR Maneki Neko
Support of PBR
Start Vulkan renderer
Start DX12 renderer

Project: Quantum Revenge released
Project: Goblin's Way Jigsaw Challenge for iPad

Support for Windows UWP
Support Android Studio
New renderer path ‘Phase 3’

Support Apple Metal
Project: Quantum Revenge started

Project: Kosmik Revenge for Ouya, iOS, Android

Support for Windows Store
Project: Brotherhood of Violence released

Project 'Barbarians'
DX11 Support

Project: No Gravity release for macOS
Project: Bad Seed (Kids game for iPad)

Project: Brotherhood of Violence, 3D Brawler game for iOS started

Project: No Gravity Release

Project Iron Fist for iOS
Project: No Gravity PSP Released

Project: No Gravity released
Project: Brotherhood of Violence on PSP

Support for PSP
Project: No Gravity started
Ended commercial license of V3X.net

Project: Realtech Reloaded Demo

Project: SkyORB
Started commercial license of V3X.net

Project: Charamel (Web software renderer)
New renderer path ‘Phase 1’

Initial conception for Project 'No Gravity' for MS-DOS