FAQ & Answers
On the V3X 3D Engine - Updated 12/2002

Who has developed V3X and since when ?
The V3X 3D engine is developed by realtech VR since 1996 and it not yet released for public.
Although, a licensable version is currently developed with documentation, samples and tech. support. You can ask us to be inform when the availability.

Which platform are currently developed ?
V3X is a cross platform engine. It has been adapted for many 32 bit platform : Win32, BeOS, MacOS Carbon and WinCE. also V3X is 64 bit ready.

Which API currently supported ?
OpenGL, all Direct3D version (up to DirectX 9) and proprietary software renderer.

I want to see V3X in action. Is there any demos available somewhere ?
You can look the Demos and Effects section with the V3X SDK Demos package or RDS 2K1.

What is the cost of licensing V3X engine ?
There is no licensing at this time

What are your references  ?
V3X was used for developing 3D video game Space Girl in 1999, an internet plugin for character rendering in 2000, and a A 3D planetarium in 2002.

What I need to develop with V3X?
In most case, you will need a 3D modeler like 3D Studio MAX (up to Release 4.0), Alias|WaveFront (Maya)LightWave 3D® or any modeler that can export into 3D Studio 4.0 file format For Win32 developers, you need Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 or .NET installed or a GCC compatible compiler, or the Intel compiler. For WinCE developers, you need the the eMbedded Visual Tools 3.0. For MacOS developers, you need Codewarrior Pro installed with latest Carbon SDK.

I don't know how to program. Can you do a demo for me ?
Yes, we can do a demo for you in order to help you to start your production. For example, you have created a 3D scene and want to play it. We can send you an executable with source code samples using V3X that play that scene or let's you move inside it (with collision detection for example). The SDK also provides a dozen of